Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I promise I wasn't purposefully neglecting you Blogworld. I really do have good reasons for my lengthy departure. LOL

1. The end of the 1st trimester and beginning of the second was rough. For some reason my morning sickness came back with a vengence. Things seem to be better now but I'm still a bit sensitive to texture and STILL can't eat a chicken patty to save my soul. Popeyes? Easy Peasy. Chick Fil A? Not so easy peasy.

2. My Auntie Karon came to visit us for 4 days! Of course I was wrapping up our homeschooling before Christmas break and preparing for her visit (cleaning, finishing up last minute shopping, etc. etc.) so I was very busy during that time. Then see reason #1, and well.. it was hard to do. But she came, we had a great visit, and I even got to send presents back for my mother in law and sister in laws and it saved me a trip to the Post Office.

3. I was VERY homesick after Auntie Karon left. Like curl up on my couch and cry for the entire day while I turned the children's brains into mush and let them watch cartoons. Cartoons for more than 30 minutes is a RARE thing in our household. Julianne cried off and on for "Nanny Naron" and for some reason thought that she was just going to get breakfast and then she was coming back. Poor baby girl.

4. Then we got snow.. not just a little snow. 18+ inches of snow. This Georgia girl doesn't *do* snow if it is any more than a dusting. So we were housebound on Saturday. Sunday we braved it and guess what? It is Tuesday night and we still have snow! Lainey is starting to wonder if there will be snow on the ground until spring. Please Lord, no! I can't do it! I don't have proper footwear for this. (I'm a sandal girl through and through!)

5. We've been finishing up Christmas prep. Santa pictures last night with a pedicure as a treat for mama after, preparing 17 treats for Brandon's team at work, Christmas cards, etc, etc.

6. Nesting has hit... hard! I've done somewhere around 5 consignment store drop offs, 5 Goodwill drop offs and had Brandon haul off lots of trash. Subconsciously, I think my body is preparing for bedrest like I had with Julianne's pregnancy. There are no indications that I need any bedrest though. Things are looking good and my cervix length is GREAT! (Sorry.. TMI I know!)

I hope to be a better blogger. I'll be posting a few things to you all caught up...

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