Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Best (Early) Christmas Gift Ever!

Wednesday morning I was struggling. The night before I had gone on a mad cleaning/nesting spree (which is common for me even when not expecting) and I think I really over did it. In fact, even though Brandon has made me swear to not lift anything heavier than Xander and I kept my word, I was stiff when I woke up and the back of my arms burned. It's a familiar burn for me. I'm so short that when I do things in the closet and have my hands over my head for extended periods of time, the back of my arms burn the next day. On top of burning arms, the back of my legs were stiff and when I thought back, I wondered if maybe I shouldn't have pushed that box across the floor with my legs. *OOPS* Add in not much sleep because Xander had a stomach bug and vomited, multiple linen changes in the nursery, and sciatic pain that makes sleeping on my left hip a bear.. have I mentioned I'm NOT a morning person at all and that Wednesdays are REALLY my Monday's if I follow Brandon's work schedule and yeah.. Wednesday morning wasn't pretty!

But I drug myself down the stairs, made breakfast for the kiddos, fed Xander his bottle and had just settled in for some computer time with my caffeinated beverage of choice these days, the mini can of Pepsi. I was trying to make a game plan for the day but couldn't even form a coherent sentence... when the phone rang. It was Brandon calling from his cell but he was at the office. This is such a rare occurrence (especially in the morning) that I thought something had to be wrong.

I answered.. and I'll keep private what my husband said I sounded like. (It wasn't very flattering that is for sure! ) But I could tell he was excited about something. He asked if I wanted an early Christmas gift and when I said sure, he told me that Xander's decree of adoption finalization was signed the day before. It's official. His adoption is complete and nothing can change it!

I've held strong in my faith that this would happen but after watching faaaar too many Lifetime Movies in well.. my lifetime, that every now and then a little piece of doubt would creep in. And all of that was wiped away with that one little sentence that Brandon called to tell me.

It's official!

I'm thrilled... We are so blessed. Our adoption journey went SO incredibly fast and smooth that it is really hard to believe sometimes. When we started our journey we braced ourselves for trials and some heartache but it couldn't have gone better!

If any of my readers have questions about adoption, please feel free to contact me and ask. I've been asked a lot of questions about our adoption journey (and our infertility journey) so nothing really can catch me off guard anymore. I'm sure I asked some doozies when I started walking this path but I've had great mentors that were patient and understanding and I soaked up all they could share. I truly hope to continue that cycle and give back to other potential adoptive parents in the same fashion. I plan to share the steps that we went through in order to adopt Xander. In the meantime, I'm getting our paperwork straight for adoption #2. Cause you know.. you can't ignore a calling. ;)

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