Thursday, March 29, 2012

But, But, But...

I've had a terrible case of writer's block over the last few weeks.

I want to tell you all about how God has shown Himself in the last few weeks, but I'm still processing some of the lessons.

I want to tell you how great my Xander is doing, but I am soaking up every bit of his good days, holding my breath and praying we don't have bad days again.

I want to tell you about how overcome I am with emotion when I think that Xander has been with us for almost 3 years! Brandon and I were talking about him the other night and I'm glad he can understand Stephanie's Sob Language. We are so thankful for him!

I want to tell you about how my toddler boys look more and more like little boys but if I say that outloud, I won't be in denial anymore, right? Wasn't it just yesterday I had a newborn and a 13 month old?

I want to tell you how my girlies are growing into bigger girlies. But I'm in denial about that too.

I want to tell you about our rollercoaster ride this pregnancy, but I don't want anyone to think I'm not grateful.

So instead, I've said nothing. And instead I get lost in my thoughts.


Debbie said...

How about a few posts of just pictures!!! :) Your growing boys, beautiful girls, your baby bump. Your surroundings. We would love to "see" you all. The post could be wordless, or not.
I have not tried blogging yet, mostly because I am always lost in my thoughts.

debbie (momys)

Amy said...

I'm in denial with you :) and even in the challenges, we are certainly grateful for our gifts. It's a shame that people can make other's feel like if we admit that everything is not absolutely peachy, then we are being ungrateful.