Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mish Mash...

There have been quite a few little things going on around the Bee House that I've failed to mention.

1. Xander fell in love with the baby chicks. It has been several days since we saw the chicks at the Tractor Supply Store but he still asks if we will buy him a "shicken." I think a baby chick would last about 15 minutes max in Xander's hands because I think he would literally love the chicken to death. And that would make everyone cry. So no chickens.

2. We've loved the spring weather. Anytime Brandon gets off work at 3pm we are headed out the door shortly after. Brandon and I have begun wandering around the county. One day, while wandering down a winding country road, a herd of about 12 does ran across the road into a large field. They were beautiful.

3. Brandon and I are hoping at most, to only need to sign another year lease here. That would bring us to October 2013. We are kind of hoping that our landlord allows us a shorter lease period for the second lease or the ability to move to month to month renting. We have been exploring neighborhoods and looking for a new casa. In the meantime, we will aggressively be saving a down payment. Brandon and I do not desire a huge house (our current space is about 1600 sq feet and that feels good to us with a few tweaks here and there.) We are also not interested in having a large price tag attached to the house- so it could take some time for us to find the best casa for us. More as that starts to unfold.

4. Isaiah's arrival will leave us one open seat in our van. While we make it work for short trips around town, it is quite crowded for a longer trip. Brandon and I will be looking at those options and saving for that as well. We aren't interested in carrying a car payment (Dave Ramsey folks here!) so this may get pushed off for a bit longer still. But we will need to start looking, eventually.

5. Brandon is thriving at his new company. I expected nothing less, but he has started to receive a few comments here and there about his performance. (Good comments.) So he is keeping his head down and continuing to do his very best. We are hoping that he is accepted into the general manager in training program later this fall.

Chugging along nicely,


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