Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Waiting with Baited Breath

I've been quiet on the blog because I've been crazy busy. The children are growing in leaps and bounds, the weather has been beautiful, Xander has had normal diapers and I've been off bedrest!

Things have been pretty amazing. I still haven't felt Isaiah but each Monday when I go in for the 17-P injection, my sweet nurse gives me a listen to his heartbeat. It keeps me sane until the next week. Sort of.

Xander completed his 21 days of antibiotics, started his probiotics and then we started to wait and watch. It is the worst feeling in the world to wait and see if your sweet boy starts having issues again. We documented a little over a pound weight gain while he was on the antibiotics. Right before our very eyes we watched his cheeks fill out, a leg roll appear and his arms fill out. I'm terrified of going backwards.

And yet, this morning, it appears that we may be starting that downhill slide. I want to stay on the mountaintop! Last night we had roast, baked carrots and homemade fries (our timing was off and we needed something fast for our potatoes.) He had done the homemade fries with no issues so the only new thing was the carrots.

We had an issue with carrots when he first came off of the elemental formula, but our nutritionist and new gastroenterologist threw out his reaction to carrots. But now this is twice... or is it just the beginning of constant diarrhea again?

I hate that nothing is clear cut. I hate that nothing seems to be A, B, C. And yet, as much as I hate what we are going through, there is nothing that I can really do about it except comfort Xander when he is upset, try to keep going and pray like crazy.

The last time we spoke with the gastroenterologist he said that if the diarrhea continued after this past round of antibiotics we'd be looking at doing some more scoping. But even that doesn't guarantee we will know anything.

Part of me hopes it is carrots, but then I wonder: Why he is having so many allergy/intolerance issues?



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Amy said...

The allergy road is a hard one to travel. I'm praying for healing for Xander and strength for you every day <3