Friday, March 2, 2012


Thursday, I went to my OB appointment. We had a scare with the heartbeat and the first nurse could not find baby's heartbeats and left us alone in the exam room.

I started crying. Brandon was rubbing my hair and trying to reassure me about "those crazy machines" when the second nurse walk in.

She walked in and said "Oh let's find this wiggleworm!" And when she came around, she noticed I was crying. I don't hide crying well. My face gets splotchy red and my eyes swell up. (I have a certain daughter that does the same exact thing when she cries.) So she said some reassuring words to me, but I'm not really sure what they were because I was praying so hard for a heartbeat to still be there and the baby to cooperate.

And finally we found it. It seems like we have a little drama king or queen on our hands.

We discussed the ultrasound in the hospital with our doctor and he let us know that things could go either way. In our favor, we have a baby measuring ahead of date (so the placenta is nourishing baby well), a strong heartbeat and an active baby... along with prayers of our family and friends!

But bleeding in pregnancy is always worrisome. It is less worrisome since we have a cause and can monitor it and compare.

My ob went ahead and started the process to get the P17 shots ordered for me. I'll take one every week until I am 32 weeks and then we will discontinue. My doctor chuckled as he said this could be my longest pregnancy ever with the shots.

The shots have to be compounded and approved through our insurance so I should hear more this week about when to come in and have it done. Pray for me, they'll be teaching Brandon how to give me shots. EEKS! I'll be really sweet to him those days.

After we left the OB we got called back because it looked like I had an UTI but the first nurse dumped out the sample. So... I had to go back. I'm now on antibiotics.

My doctor is out of the country on his daughter's spring break trip so, we are praying double that this week is uneventful!

Thursday afternoon, we also found out that Xander's cdiff lab came back negative. The Flagyl is working, which means that it is more likely to be SIBO (Short Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) which is not contagious.

Xander is doing the best he has in months. The day I came home from the hospital, my aunt had dressed in him blue jeans!!! He has refused blue jeans for quite some time, opting only for stretchy, sweat pant material that he kept low on his waist. He is eating a variety of foods now, eating larger amounts and most importantly, not having ANY diarrhea. In fact, when we tracked his dirty diapers, Solomon and Xander had the same number of dirty diapers in a day.. at the same times!

We are praising God for His mercy. It is so relieving to me to see Xander do well even though we are highly concerned about our wee one as well.

In a move of optimism we chose baby names tonight. In Bee tradition, we will not announce the name until we know the gender. BUT, we may find out sooner this pregnancy than any pregnancy before. I have a follow up ultrasound/peri/OB appt on March 12th and we may get a look at gender.


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Danielle said...

I am SO GLAD to read this update. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.