Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blabberings from Bedrestland...

Whew, bedresting is exhausting and mindnumbing. We are getting lots of school done these days because mama can't do anything else and we are homebound. Julianne is almost done with her kindergarten assignments and we had to purchase another workbook to keep her going in something because she looooooooooooooves school so much.

Lainey is chugging along too. She isn't as eager as Julianne but we are steadily working through the remaining assignments she has.

Wednesday we got a call from our OB's nurse telling us that the pharmacy had insurance approval for the Makena shots and we just needed to speak with them before they could ship them. Brandon got to be that person because all of the red tape I've dealt with this year as made me frustrated and I'm supposed to be relaxing. I could build us a house out of the red tape we've dealt with this year.

The shots were overnighted to our OB's office and I got to be the lucky recipient that afternoon. YE-OUCH! I'll continue to get those shots every week until 32 or 35 weeks. (I find out more tomorrow.) Brandon sweet talked the nurse into letting us have a listen to the baby's heart beat as my prize and the heartrate was 162!

Seeing the doppler makes me so nervous each time because we've had such a hard time finding the heartrate easily and that always makes me panic. So I hold my breath and pray but this time it wasn't nearly as panic-inducing.

I walked out on cloud nine.

But returned back to bedrestland.

Tomorrow, I have an appt at 3:15 (eastern time) for an ultrasound and then an office visit with my OB. He told us that they will be measuring the hemmorhage site, seeing if the part of the placenta re-attached, and checking cervical length. A 2nd trimester SCH raises risks for preterm labor so that is concerning given my history (and what we are hoping the shots help with!)

Then he winked and said "We'll see about getting a peek at gender as well."

So we might! If we do, then in Bee tradition we will announce the baby's name. If not, then I have at least one more ultrasound at 18-20 weeks. That is the big anatomy scan.

Eventually we will know!

Thanks for the prayers and thinking about us. We greatly appreciate the thoughts and prayers.

I'll update ASAP tomorrow night.


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Heather (iceangel) said...

Phew! Glad you're doing well!