Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I ate yogurt, y'all

I've never in my life eaten a cup of yogurt.  I have a horrendous gag reflex and I'm super sensitive to textures. 

But I'm trying to eat better and move more. 

And I'm staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarving, y'all. 

I'm sure it is just in my mind.  Because when I entered my meals in MyFitnessPal, well.. let's just say I'm not starving. 

So I saw Brandon's Greek yogurt in the fridge and I thought I'd try it.

And I ate the whole cup.  I felt a little green when I got done, but I did it.

Now Brandon is sitting watching me carefully. 

He wants to know who I am and what I did with his wife. 



Danielle said...

That's funny. Maybe if you keep trying it you will like it more? Don't "they" say a person has to try a food 20 times or something before they may like it? Not that I believe I will EVER EVER like some foods. But yogurt I like. Which is odd, since I can't stand cheese or sour cream or most dairy products.
Good job on the eating healthy by the way, it sure is hard sometimes.

Marti said...

I hate yogurt with a passion but I love the greek yogurt! It's also better if you just buy the plain and add stuff to it like fresh fruit, nuts, granola etc. And it's way better for you that way!

Debbie Fitts said...

You can do it. Greek yogurt is so good for you and rocks as a healthy protien! Try putting a tbs or two of your fav. perserve into it. I use the red raspberry from Aldi. YUM!! :)