Sunday, January 27, 2013

Stretching Ahead

I love my calendar.  Really! Puffy bright pink heart love it. 

There is something soothing about entering dates and activities and being able to see things at a glance. 

But there are some weeks that I look at what is ahead and shake my head.  I want to hide under the covers.  I call those stretching weeks. 

And we have one this coming week.  We have a tour of a private special needs theraputic preschool program this week.  I have mixed feelings about this and I feel torn.  I've been praying for wisdom for weeks and weeks.  Maybe I'll muddle through my thoughts on the blog.  Maybe

I feel a bit vulnerable about the whole thing.  (As someone that believes in the homeschool model...  as a mama... as someone seeking balance in our lives... as an optimist that has been slapped with cold, hard reality lately...)  Let's just say I feel vulnerable on a variety of levels. 

Xander starts weekly speech therapy this week too.  And then Brandon works on Saturday.  He only works a single Saturday about every 5-6 weeks but our family really feels it when our routine is thrown off.  Xander feels it the most. 

So, if I disappear from blog land, you know where I am.  I'm either under the covers or trying to keep us on track. 

Or maybe alternating between the two. 

Icecream has already been pre-purchased, on super clearance!  (50 cents for Edy's?  What, what!)

Prayer, icecream and deep breathing... will get me through this too. 


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