Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Technology Levels the Playing Field

Saturday, Brandon and I had a hot date to Lowe's while the three oldest children were at our respite program.  We were pricing appliances. 

When we got done dreaming, we walked out and found this:

Booooooooooooo... Long story but the brown MESS you see everywhere is epoxy.  My tail light cover was loose and almost caused us to fail our first Virginian vehicle inspection uhhh in 2009.  We were on a time crunch so it was epoxied.  Not pretty, but legal. 
Anyway, we lost the entire cover somewhere.  So part of our respite time was spent at Advanced Auto.  Brandon ran in to price the part while I fed Isaiah.  Their quote was $99 but they would have to order it.
I was curious, so I called the dealership.  $229 for the PART and they would have to order it too.  (Golly, I just need one... womp, womp.. that was one!) 
Brandon found a YouTube video on his phone explaining how to change the cover for our particular van.  The video was 4 minutes long.  It looked easy peasy.
That night Brandon and I looked online and found that the light cover was sold on Amazon for around $45.  I happen to have free shipping with Amazon Prime so we ordered it.  And it arrived just two days later on Monday.
Brandon replaced the cover in about 10 minutes with Xander supervising while repeatedly yelling, "Daddy, you bwoke da yight!" 
And it worked!
Next up, cleaning up the epoxy. 
What have you found on YouTube? 


Erika said...

Love it!! A few weeks ago Matt's brother's SUV had some...engine...thing...ok I'm a bit vague on the technical details here but the point is that the dealership said it'd be $800 to fix it. Matt and his bro did some searching and found the part somewhere in town for like $60, then watched a bunch of YouTube tutorials...and about five hours of frustrating labor later...they fixed it themselves!! Not exactly easy-peasy, but for $750 savings?? WELL WORTH IT!!

hollie marie said...

Jordan (my non-handyman repairman) watched a video on youtube and repaired our broken garbage disposal!

Danielle said...

Sounds like our kind of fun dates! Not that we've had one in a long time.
Anyway Joel learned how to replace a dryer cord with a new cord with the funky plug and he also learned how to wire a ceiling light. Not bad. I don't think I have learned anything off of you-tube that is worth writing about.

Maybe someone needs a video on "How to plan a fun romantic date for your homeschooling, stuck in the house in the dead of winter with 8 fussy, sick children" Ha ha.