Friday, January 18, 2013

Parenting is ALL Trial and Error

I've said this for awhile, but I found myself wrapped up in it last night, so I thought I would share in case someone needs to hear it.

Nothing about parenting is a formula. It is all trial and error.

....Even after 5 children.  *ahem*

So, picture me happily, nursing along for 5.5 months and suddenly realizing that Isaiah wasn't being satisfied by breastmilk.  I was up more during the night this week than I have been in months and I didn't believe it to be a "growth spurt."  We were spending plenty of time together so he could nurse, he wasn't ill, he was just... not happy.

And in a moment of mommy panic, I thought I should supplement him with formula.  Now, I'm not a formula basher (and I really hope the comments don't lean that way.)  Two of my children have had nothing but formula.  But in my gut, it just didn't feel right and in my sleep deprivation (and vitamin D deficiency haze) I couldn't figure out why.

So I did it anyway. 

And since a bottle was so very foreign to Isaiah, he wouldn't take it.  He wouldn't take it from me or Lainey. 

So I kept nursing. 

When I was talking to a friend she mentioned that he may be ready for food and I thought, "Hmmmm... well I guess I could try!"

So I tried it... and he ate a WHOLE Stage 2 Jar of bananas.  Chewing motions and all.

And was happy as a clam.  He was ready. 

Even if his mama wasn't...

Oh God, help me to remember that each of my children are individuals and all need parented that way.  Let me see the gifts and areas of opportunity they each have.  Thank you for guiding me as an individual and showing me my own areas of opportunity.  I love You and praise You. 


PS: I'm slowing working on the blog layout/design... so you may notice changes.  Don't be alarmed.  (And Erika, I'm not going one-note/topic... have no fear.. I'd NEVER succeed in that!)

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