Monday, January 28, 2013

My Very First VLOG

My very first VLOG ever.  I apologize in advance that I got choked up talking about Xander and our week ahead.  Like I said... feeling very vulnerable about it. 
A tiny taste of my daily humor is included.  I'm a bit self conscious about the video and thought the lighting was going to be decent...if I do this again in the future I need to find a better spot. 


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Erika said...

Love this! First off- thanks for the shout-out...glad the Jav tutorial can provide so much entertainment. OK, for that developmental test...sounds like the DP-3, which is something we (as teachers) had to fill out for ALL OF OUR STUDENTS twice a year, the first time being somewhere around the 3rd week of school. I mean, are you serious? How am I supposed to know if 22 kids can program a VCR (haha like ANYONE does that anymore) or stack 15 blocks or change a bedsheet? MAYBE their parents would know, but...their teachers who've known them for 3 weeks? Yeah, no. Guesswork. And annoying guesswork, at that. I'll be checking on you about your appointment Thursday! And your makeup looks fab, girl!