Monday, January 21, 2013


We've struggled with getting some routines/systems under control here.  I'm not sure what tipped us into Crazyville... but we found ourselves residents in Crazyville.


We got in a rut, where we ate the same things over and over because I didn't have TIME to menu plan/make a shopping list.  Then we would get incredibly bored and be tempted to get takeout. 

A ton of our old standbys are now off limits (due to allergies) unless we make a separate meal for Xander.  But finding new standbys felt impossible. Enter ridiculous loop. 

One weekend, I printed out some recipes that would work and someone (with really curly hair and incredible lashes that sucks his thumb) reorganized them for me, and then rubbed lotion on them one day. 

They were "dwy."

*Sigh and bang head on wall*

Enter Pinterest.  I've pinned a zillion things and recently got serious about weeding it out (helloooo do people ever link things properly?) and organizing it.

And then, I stumbled this link that my friend, Christy posted on Facebook.

I saw clouds part and sunshine peek through.  The angels started singing.  And I knew this would be life changing for us!

So I planned this week.  I pasted the link into the where field and I put the ingredient list and directions in the description field.  I wrote down a shopping list and headed to the store.

I can carry my iPhone into the kitchen.  I don't have to print and keep little fingers from ruining print outs or food splattering on it!  I can instantly make changes for next time (and it won't be messy!) I can copy and paste the ingredients into a document.  I can pull up a recipe in the store if I'm shopping on the fly. 

I can search!  I can set things to repeat so we don't forget about recipes we really like. 

Truly life changing!

Automation + Organization = BLISS!

If you end up trying this or have a similar system, I'd love to hear about it. 


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Erika said...

Such a smart idea!! Love it!