Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My tooth is FINALLY fixed!

Last week I posted that I had chipped a molar and my husband called to get me an appointment. Well... I missed that appointment due to an alarm clock user malfunction.

So we rescheduled. I went to that appointment and was treated VERY rudely and told that they couldn't fix my tooth without xrays. (This was after a visual exam.) I refused xrays since I'm pregnant. They continued to make up excuses... like how they couldn't numb me until I was in my 2nd trimester. At last count.. 16 weeks IS in the 2nd trimester. *sigh*

So I ended up leaving the appointment and giving Brandon a call home to let him know that nothing was done. He was annoyed and called around to find me a new dentist.

It ended up that he found our old dentist! The one that we loved, that left soon after our first appointments with him and opened his own practice. Brandon explained in great detail what happened, what the last dentist said (no decay, I didn't lose a filling, etc) and let them know that I was in no pain but that it was hurting my tongue because it was very sharp.

I went to that appointment today and had the BEST dental appointment. I explained to the dentist what happened, he looked and then told me he could smooth it or fill it. He said he recommended a little filling because smoothing would take off more tooth. He also said he doubted I need any pain medication because he had pushed on it very hard and I didn't even flinch. Within 15 minutes, it was fixed. He asked me to feel the filling and see if it agreed with my tongue.. and it did. It was perfect.

On the way out Brandon made a dental appointment for some work that he needed to have done. Dr. Hawkins earned himself the entire family for just being HONEST and not trying to milk our insurance for new xrays!

The girls really liked the office and Dr. Hawkins said he looks forward to doing their check ups when they are due again.

Good medical professionals are worth their weight in gold...

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