Saturday, February 16, 2013

Busted my Butt, but I Still Love it...

Yup... that was me!  I fell doing squats today.  Seriously.


Right on the mat.  With my husband standing next to me. 

My muscles failed. 

And I got up. 

And finished my workout. 

True.freakin'. story.

This life change has been like a light switch.  It's flipped.  I'm either on or not.  There is no "halfway."  I've gotten to where I get twitchy if something happens and I can't get to the gym.  I feel like I've forgotten something HUGE. 

I love everything about going to the gym:

I love riding in the car by myself, not listening to the same 16 songs that I've heard 4739247392749327593285932 times in the same order for over a year.  (Xander has a CD that he feels he HAS to listen to every time we are in the van.  You can't even press shuffle without howling coming from the back seat.  This howling and screeching is so incredibly ear piercing, it makes me a completely unsafe driver.  So we continue to listen to the CD. Sigh.) 

I love the friendly smiles when I swipe my access card. 

I love the smell.  It isn't stinky.  It is a clean smell mixed with chlorine (at the locations with pools.) 

I love watching my progress on ActivTrax.  I love getting a neat little print out telling me what to do.  It makes me happy to check things off.  I'm a box checker. 

I love putting in my ear buds and drowning out the world. 

I love the way I feel when I am done.  Pleasantly fatigued, I call it.  Not exhausted (anymore usually.) 

I love showering with unlimited hotwater.. ALONE.  Without anyone knocking on the door calling out "Mama."  And the water pressure.  *happy sigh*

I love driving home. 

I love editing the 2013 Workout Log page here on my blog.  They are adding up!!!!

And I love seeing results.

I'm a better mommy, wife and friend this way.  I have more to pour out after I've been filled up. 

Who knew?


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