Sunday, February 24, 2013

More House Drama

We did not close this past Friday... and it wasn't our fault at all.

The sellers did not have the repairs done that we agreed to.  It's a long messy story, but supposedly the repair man is coming on Tuesday and we are hoping to close on Wednesday.

If not, uhhhh we have no Plan B.

I have movers scheduled on Thursday and we have six days left on our lease to figure something out. 

(Yes, our rental is already rented for when we leave.)

So pretty puh-leaze!  Pray that these sellers get their acts together. 

I have to say, I'm NOT suprised.

The plan all along was to move into a bigger house so that we could be approved for another adoption.

And I've shared what happens when you have plans to adopt a child, right?  Spiritual warfare goes INSANE. 

So here we are.  In full blown battle mode. 

And we haven't even started paperwork!  Seems like someone (with a little s) is awfully worried about another child joining the B Bunch and being raised to know and love Our Savior. 

It's all good though.  Because *I* read the rest of the Bible.  God wins in the end!

So there!


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iceangel said...

Nice to be on the winning side, isn't it!