Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dear Fat Girl at the Gym

I see you.  I watched you in the mirror last night.  I see you looking around trying to figure out if people are staring.  They aren't.  They are in their zone or looking around to see if other people are staring at them. 

I see you sweating.  I see your red face.  I see you all covered up and readjusting your clothes. 

I saw you walk in with a gaggle of children following behind you.  It took some planning to get to the gym today, huh?  It wasn't easy.. and this journey won't be either. 

But guess what?  You went!  I saw you sweat!  And you learned something new while you were there.

Maybe you learned that the blue resistance bands are now on your never list.  (Remember, green then red, never blue!) Maybe you learned that you really didn't enjoy that CardioStrength class.  Or maybe you learned that you can complete Day 1 of the 5K trainer program.  I watched you do it all without cheating!!!

And saw you beam into that mirror when you were done.  I saw you walk a little taller when you got off the treadmill.  I saw the text you sent your husband declaring that you had done it!

Hopefully, one day, we will lose track of each other.  As my journey continues, I plan for you to shrink. 

Because I *am* the fat girl at the gym... for now. 



Erika said...

I'm so proud of you, Steph!! Way to go!!

Anonymous said...

My friend blogs here about her experiences as a bigger girl in the gym... she's hysterical! And having great success. Thought you might enjoy!

Cindy Fitts said...
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Tracy said...

:) Great post, friend. :)

Colleen said...

I have felt the same way, a million times. Keep your chin up, you're beautiful!