Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Page

Wayyyy up at the top of the blog, there is a page called 2013 Workout Log. 

I'm actively updating that page after each work out.  I'm also journaling all my food/water intake in My Fitness Pal-- which is private.  But I've been faithfully logging things!

This whole thing is going to be a battle of discipline.  And part of that discipline for me is being honest about what I'm taking in and what I am doing to mooooooooooove. 

Journaling has been eye opening.  So far, I've decided that my coffee creamer just "ain't all that."  In order to put enough to really taste it, it really eats up my allowable calories for a day.  Coffee without creamer, isn't enjoyable, so I dropped it.

I've also given up Pepsi.. I've been on all water for two days now (before that I had one cup of coffee for two days and then water for the rest of the day.. no Pepsi at all!!!) 

Now that I'm ready to do this, I find that my calorie counting is a lot like our financial budgeting.  I *can* splurge a bit here and there, but it has to come from somewhere else. 

And those extra side jobs you take on to meet your numbers in financial budgeting?  Ohhhhh that would equate to extra workouts. 

Completely enlightening.  ;)


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