Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 3: Another Roadblock

Week 3: Yet Another Attempt at a Roadblock

Background:  After Solomon's hospitalization with croup, I thought we were done with hospitals.  But we had another one! 

Isaiah started violently vomiting about 2 hours after eating pears.  He vomited approximately 7-9 times within 30 minutes and started to fall asleep in between each episode.  He wasn't upset that he was vomiting.  No crying, etc.  And then he lost all of his color and went very pale.

We called our family doctor to see if we missed something or if we were overreacting and he recommended that we go into the Emergency Room.  So I took him in immediately.

He was greatly dehydrated and they had trouble getting an IV in.  He started to perk up a little after he recieved alot of fluids.  About 4:30 am we found out we were being transferred to Children's for observation. 

The same transport team that took Solomon to Children's, came and transported Isaiah. 

After 12 hours of monitoring intake and output, we were released from the hospital. 

So no.more.pears.ever!  Our allergist appt was moved up to next week and so now no anti-histamines until then. 

Scale Movement:

I lost 3 lbs.  Total: 10 lbs lost!

Non-Scale Victories:
  • I drank at least 64 ounces of water a day.
  • I found a new love for biking.  I biked SIX MILES Tuesday night and only stopped because I was on a tight schedule that night. 
  • I logged every calorie/carb/fat gram/gram of protein I ate.  (Except the day I was in the hospital.)  
  • I steered clear of the vending machine at the hospital.
  • Instead of turning to food, I turned to the gym or talked about my HOUSE stress.  (ERRR!)
  • I am still caffeine free, despite very little sleep.   
Goals from last week:
  • I want to go to the gym 4 days.- Completed! I actually did 6!
  • Continue to log every calorie I eat.- Completed with the exception of the hospital stay.   
  • Find a breakfast I am happy with, since we think Isaiah is having issues with the eggs I was eating every morning. -Meh.. My yogurt and fruit is okay.  Just wish I could find something hot. 
Goals for this week:
  • Go to the gym at least 5 days. 
  • Continue to log every calorie I eat.
  • Find a visual aid to track my scale goals.. (This requires me to figure out what my long term goals are.  OOPS!)

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