Monday, June 17, 2013

All The Trimmings!

Back in March, I started taping the trim in the living room.  We spend an awful lot of time in here and the brown trim was starting to work my nerves.
And then I was hospitalized.

And then hospitalized again. 

And then I had to finish taping.  Slowly, slowly I crawled across the floor with my Frog Tape. I taped the baseboards, doorways and the window panes.  Alllll 32 panes.

(Hard to see but the green frog tape is around each pane.  This wall is really hard to photograph with my oh so fancy camera.. I mean phone. ;) ) 

I was paralyzed when it came to choosing a white.  "White."  HA.  Go to the paint store and look at all the choices of "white."  It's mind boggling.

But I found a sample of Anthem White that I got free with a coupon.(FREE?  My favorite four lettered word!)  So I tested it on the trim and it looked fine to me, so I kept painting.  And then I ran out of the sample. 

We made our list, grabbed our 10% off coupon and loaded the kids up to go to Lowe's.  And on the way out of the driveway, I checked the mail.

Our giftcard rebate had arrived from our appliance purchase.  Whoop whoop.

We ended up getting everything on our list, and only having to add $6 to it.  Then a $5 rebate printed. 

Double whoop whoop. 

So we painted, and painted, and painted.  I quit counting after coat #3.  (And that was the paint with primer!) 

Brandon taped the crown and painted it for me. I'm too short!

Finally that Sunday night, we called it quits and put everything back.  I still have some work to do to finish up, but I'm SO pleased with the results.


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Erika said...

Wooo! Looks great! I can't believe the taping on that window-- what a nightmare! But I agree...can't get used to the brown trimwork. From what I see on House Hunters, it seems like that's pretty common/popular in some parts of the country...but definitely not down here, so it kinda assaults my eyes to see!! :)