Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hi 1988, Welcome to 2013!

One of the first things we noticed when we walked through this house was that it seemed well cared for but needed updating.

Seriously, that is perhaps the understatement of the year.

I offer Exhibit A, a 1988 "Micro-computer."  Seriously! that is what it said on the dang thing.  We know them as "microwaves."  Believe it or not, it actually worked.  And then it started overheating.

Since we negotiated  a home warranty into the purchase, we phoned the customer service line.  Each specialty you have visit your home, has a $60 charge.  We figured that we'd gamble the $60 to see if we could get a new microwave.

The technician arrived and laughed when we showed him the "overheating" microwave.  He couldn't find parts for it.  (Are you shocked?) And therefore could not repair it.

He completed the required paperwork for the warranty company.  A few days later, the warranty company called and said we had two choices.  They would have a technician install a black Kenmore appliance or we could take the cash option.

We took the cash option.  When we saw the house and won the bid for it, we decided that we'd go stainless with the fridge.  All the appliances are different colors,  so we figured it wouldn't hurt at all at this point.

I found a Lowe's coupon and we hit the store. We spoke to our favorite appliance salesman and chose the microwave.  We asked what they charged for installation.  It was $99 but he assured me that even a novice could do it.

So we tried!

Everything was going well, until we realized that the microwave we had just hung was missing a hole to screw into the cabinet above it.

Womp, womp.

So we heaved it down and put it back in the box and took it back.  They exchanged it for us.

And we came home and put it up in a snap!   (That is Brandon's arm... I was snapping the picture!)

 Since the microwave was on sale, and  had a coupon, we made some of our $60 "trip fee" back!  We then faxed the receipt into the warranty company and now it is included too!

Win, win, win!

And with that, our first "real" repair was made to our home.  Ya-hooooo!


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Erika said...

HUGE improvement!! What a shame the old one died...heh heh.