Saturday, June 8, 2013

Solomon turns 3 and Blackie is born

Gracious, time is flying by.

On May 31st, Solomon turned THREE!

Birthdays are pretty mellow here, so we went to the mall to eat dinner and let the kids play in the playland.  Solomon really enjoys playing at this particular playland. 

We let the kids play longer than we normally would and then we headed down to Build A Bear.  He had fallen in love with Lainey's webkins cat, Sugar, so we thought he'd like to build his own bedtime buddy.

He immediately chose this black bear and hugged it.

And so we started the process of stuffing the bear.  He stepped on the pedal and then decided that he wasn't going to complete that task.  In his defense, it sounded like a vacuum cleaner when you stepped on the pedal.   So instead, Mama pressed the pedal and he had fun pressing the button to change the lights in the stuffing box.

Then we kissed the heart and Solomon put it inside the bear.  The lady sewed him up and we went to the fluffing station.

Again, it sounded like a vacuum and Solomon wanted no part of it.  (Are you sensing a theme?)

Mama fluffed the bear and then we went to make his birth certificate.  Solomon's bear is named Blackie.

Since we registered him, if Blackie is lost and then found and taken to a Build A Bear store, the store can contact us.

We paid for Blackie and put him in his house and big strong Solomon carried him all the way to the car.  This really impressed me because the box was almost as big as Solomon.

He wouldn't put Blackie down even after he was in his carseat, so we ended up taking Blackie out of his house so that he could be held.

And Solomon has slept with Blackie ever since.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Solomon Kincaid!  Mommy loves you!