Friday, June 21, 2013

Decorating the Fireplace

When I left off on the last fireplace post it looked like this:

And it definitely needed some decoration.  I had casually looked at a few items that had been marked down.

Like this:

Notice the markdown sticker!

And this:

But nothing felt right.  Things were still more than I wanted to spend and I can only imagine how many people across America have the same exact decoration hanging.  Booo mass production!

So I waited.

Then on  May 24th, I had an appointment at the oncology office (still doing periodic blood testing) and they didn't give me my results right away.  (Because they are an oncology/hematology office they have their own lab in the office.)

Stressed... I went on a shopping binge.  Brandon sent me a message that said, "Target?"  And I responded with, "I'll see your Target and raise you two Goodwills." 

And that I did!

After the first Goodwill, I sent Brandon this picture, telling him I'd found "a wall decoration."  (Forgive the sloppy picture snapping and the busted CD holder too..)

It was $3.25 and I knew it was going on a wall, just not sure where. And yes, it is upside down in this picture.

A few days later, I realized that there was already a nail above the fireplace... and there was already a hanger on the back of the "half a lantern decoration." 

So I put it up to see what it looked like.

And fell in love.

However, I didn't like the gold so much and I didn't think white paint or oil rubbed bronze spray paint would do anything for it.

But when looking through the workshop, I remembered I had bought red paint for another project.  So during morning cartoons the next day, I snuck off to the workshop and quickly painted it.

And I realized I love this decoration even more after it was painted.

I've since added the flower pots back.  I'm still brainstorming on what else to put up there.  Ever so slowly, this house is becoming OURS. 

Bonus points for it being highly unlikely that I see one of these in other people's house too! 

Yay for $3.25 projects and not breaking the bank!


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Erika said...

LOVE it!! So creative and unique...and the red is totally perfect!