Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Cereal-y" Insane

After yesterday's heavy post I figured I'd share something silly and maybe a little insane.

We always try to stock up on cereal at a good price.  We alternate healthy (read: Boring according to my children) cereal and "fun" cereal.

I've been buying more and more store brands trying to keep our budget in line.  So imagine my surprise when I realized that Kellogg's cereal was on sale and had a promotion making it the same price as our store brand go-to. got even better!

We realized that on certain boxes there was a Disney/Pixar promotion for Monsters University.  We've been counting down the days until we can see this movie. 

I have children that have never been in a movie theater.  They think watching movies involves Redbox (usually with a coupon code!) and coming home.

I had done some hunting around and found some cost cutting measures for going to the theater (discount tickets or waiting until it made it to the cheap seat theater when the movie had been out awhile, etc.) but everything times 6 adds up quickly.  KA-CHING!

Also, if you remember from our Busch Garden's outing, we combined the remaining entertainment budget with birthday funds, for our passes.

So the entertainment budget was gone.

But I had grocery money!  So I needed 6 codes per ticket and each box was $1.99 and I needed 6 tickets.  Pretty soon I had 36 boxes of cereal in my cart.

The cashier raised her eyebrows as she scanned my order.  She didn't say anything, but I told her about the deal just in case she wanted to see the movie too. I also used a "double your gas points" coupon found in our Kroger ad. 

I read the rules carefully and each account can redeem 30 codes. You also have until December 2013 to redeem the ticket for any Disney/Pixar movie.  I carefully opened the boxes of cereal, slid the cereal out of the box and entered the codes.  Then I slid the sealed cereal bag back into the box and closed it.  When I redeemed the codes, I instantly got an email with the codes to print the tickets.

Also, I noticed that I'm getting Kellogg's Family Rewards for each box that I'm entering.  I haven't had a chance to look at what you can redeem those for but I just thought I'd mention it.

So basically, each ticket comes out to around $12 and they are redeemable for up to $12... BUT I got 6 boxes of cereal with each ticket too and brand name cereal instead of storebrand.  And enough gas points for 10 cents off a gallon. 

Sounds like a pretty "sweet" deal to me!


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