Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bathroom Demo!

Our house only has one bathtub in our 2.5 bathrooms.  We call it the children's bathroom, but I supposed it would also be shared by a guest too. 

It was enclosed with sliding doors that never looked clean.  An additional issue was that when we bathed Xander and Solomon in it, we could only reach whoever was sitting closest to the open door and when we rested our arms on the side of the bathtub, our forearms would be eaten up by the tracks.

I hated it.  So me being me, I started scouring the net to see if there was anything cheap that could be done to tweak it and make it more liveable. 

I sent Brandon a link and he said that he thought we could do that "one day."  Little did he know that the next evening, I was going to go upstairs and start demoing our bathroom with only an electric screwdriver and that I'd end up calling downstairs for him to "Come quick!  Help!" 

I'll explain.

So this is what our bathroom looked like when I started my attack.  (See, it wasn't completely impulsive! I remembered to snap a pic with my iPhone!)

I started by lifting the doors up off of the track and then angling them and taking them out.  I thought I could take them out one door at a time.  But I couldn't get them to release from each other.  I also greatly underestimated their weight.  So I hollered down the stairs, "Brandon! Help!  Come quick!"  He lifted the two doors and took them out of the track. 


Here they are sitting on the floor. 

Next up, was removing the track. 

First, I unscrewed the top track.  This was pretty easy, but we estimate that these doors were probably original to the house (and the house was built in 1981) so there was a bit of buildup that I had to chip off of the screw head. 

Ta da! 

Then we had to take the rest of the tracks off.  I had to use a razor along the caulk to get it to release the tracks after I unscrewed it.   Then I took a butterknife (because we are fancy like that!) to scrape the caulk off of the tiles.  Then used a green scouring pad to remove the slight film left behind. 

Look at the dirt under it!  ACK!  I scrubbed that up in no time flat!

We also caulked where the screws were to prevent water from getting in and causing damage. 

Then I went to my second home.. I mean, Target, and bought a shower rod, rings and a liner.  I couldn't decide what shower curtain to get.  So for now we don't have one.  It's okay.... it's just us!  Some things take time!

And here is the before and after.  I smile everytime I bathe the boys in the tub now.  My forearms thank me!

The bathroom isn't "done" but we are okay with that.  We surely don't have the funding of HGTV when it comes to working on our house. 

For example, you may have noticed the floor in some of the pictures.  Or maybe not.  Anyway, here it is in all it's glory!

Yeah... definitely still have some things to take care of.  One thing at a time... and it is slowly beginning to feel like OURS!



Tracy said...

Great work!! That was a fast and easy fix. Or, at least you made it look so. ;)

Your floor is cute. Has that quilted with love look to it. ;)

Enjoy working on your home. So.much.fun. !!

Erika said...

Totally impressed that you took this down!! And that tile...whoa. Amazing. :)