Friday, June 14, 2013

Hose Hacking

I have no shame in saying that I'm frugal. We have to be... with five little ones running around our house.

But I do love a good splurge!  I've really tried to be very good and not splurge with the new house yet.  We have some other things that need taken care of before we can get to that point.  (Medical bills, things we want to pay off, etc.)

So I'm always thrilled when I get almost exactly what I want, at a much better price!

It all started when I was trying to identify what plants were in the flower beds.  I discovered that there were plants called Foxgloves in several of our beds.  They were ugly and yellowed and I discovered they were also poisonous and can cause cardiac arrest!

Well.. I have five little ones running around our yard and I knew I'd worry about those stupid plants.

So I dug them up.  There were several in our front yard. 

As I contemplated rearranging the flowerbeds (for better spacing, etc) I decided that one spot would need left open for our hose.

But I hated how ugly the bright green hose was.  (It was FREE with a Home Depot coupon, ya'll!)

So I started looking for solutions.

I found this one on Pinterest.  It wouldn't cover the ugly green,but it would make it look neater.

Then I thought back to my childhood. Our neighbor had a hose winder thingy majiggies.  Great terminology, huh?

Like this

But those were crazy expensive.  I thought about scouring Craigslist for a used one, but kept forgetting when I got to the computer.

Then, a few weekends back we were yardsaling and I found a HUGE washtub for .75!

I bought it without a plan.  (Not so frugal, y'all!) But I just KNEW there was potential there!  And 75 cents? 
So I snatched it up.

Look how big it is!!!

Before we got home, I realized exactly what I was going to do with it.  It was going to hold our hose.

I had Brandon drill some holes through the bottom so that we wouldn't have standing rainwater.

Just a few minutes later, put the hose inside.  And it looks fabulously better!

And then I stumbled on this at Target...


and laughed at the price. $72!  As Brandon would ask, "American Dollars?"

Take that!


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