Saturday, June 29, 2013

Midsummer Night's Dream Library Festival

The Saturday after our waterpark/theme park day, we had a jam packed day.

Our respite program was scheduled for that morning, so the Big Three (DeLainey, Julianne and Xander) went to that and Solomon and Isaiah stayed with us.

Brandon and I each used a Chili's coupon for a free flatbread pizza to make a cheap lunch.  We paid for the appetizer, drinks and a kid's meal for Solomon.  I liked the pizza but we are going to have to find a new Chili's.  We've given this particular one a few chances and we always leave disappointed.  It shouldn't be so hard to get refills and boxes to take your leftovers home. 

I cannot explain adequately how much this respite program has helped our family.  It gives Brandon and I a little time to unwind or take care of things without breaking the bank.  We love this program and the coordinators so much.

After Buddybreak, we went to the gym for 2 hours.  The gym is another sanity saver here.  The kids get to play in a kid appropriate space with other children and we workout and then go to the hot tub.  It's heavenly!

Next we came back home so that the boys could nap.  I went to Kroger for the cereal/movie ticket spree. 

I came home and dropped of the cereal and picked the girls up and we went to the Library Festival.  It was a Summer Reading Program kickoff.

Each of the girls were given an activity card and a goodie bag when we went in.

They were supposed to go do the activities and get their card stamped and then turn it in for a chance to spin the prize wheel. 

On the way to the first activity, we ran into this fellow.  He was a re-enactor.. but don't tell him that.  He had no idea why people would pretend to be him.

Lainey asked for a picture and he said that she could have a portrait and wanted to know where her artist was.  This tickled Lainey.  He also said that we could put the picture in the "Book of Faces."  (Facebook!) 

The first activity the girls wanted to do was bowling.  They were trying to knock over the princess being protected by the knights.   At some activities they won a prize too. 

Next up was jousting.  Julianne had never heard of jousting and this sparked her curiousity so we've looked it up quite a bit since the festival.  The goal here was to run with the pool noodle under your arm and get it in the pool floatie hanging from the tree branch. 

Then they colored and decorated a crown. 

And completed the castle maze. 


Suddenly, I heard both girls squealing at the top of their lungs.  "Our friends!" they said.  So I went to go see what the fuss is.

Apparently, this is a lovely dog named Sadie.  She is a therapy dog that visits at Buddybreak (the respite program!) and the children pet and walk her and give her snacks.

I was so shocked to see Julianne playing with Sadie.  She used to be afraid of dogs.  Terrified.  One time, she climbed on a desk to get away from a friend's dog.

It made me smile to see how comfortable she is with Sadie.  Sadie's owner was shocked when I told her how afraid Julianne used to be.  She told me that Julianne loves Sadie and always participates with her at Buddybreak

After petting Sadie and her friend, we headed over to the Animal Rescue Group to get our stamp there.  All of their animals were rescues and they are an educating group.

This owl hit a side mirror on a car and is now blind in one eye. 

 This possum is about 4 months old it was attacked by a cat and had nerve damage.

And I think this turtle was hit by a car, but I'm not 100% sure about that story.

After talking to the rescue group for a little bit, we got our stamp and headed to the prize wheel.

We had a great time and thought it was lovely for a free program.   The girls are so excited that we live so close to the library now.  We still need to get them their cards but I hadn't changed my license and don't carry around our real estate closing papers so we couldn't do it that night.  (Yes, the librarian seriously asked me if I had those papers on me.) 


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