Monday, July 4, 2011

Adoption Reading...

I learn so much every time I read this book. It's called The Connected Child by Karyn B. Purvis, Ph.D. and David R. Cross, Ph. D.

Even though we were matched with Xander when he was a week old and he is firmly attached to both Brandon and I, we've had many opportunities to use several of the strategies in this book. Right now we are struggling with him being very rough with his siblings so I pulled it back out to re-read.

I've always thought that Xander has had some sensory issues.

For example: When he was a baby, he was only soothed by very fast rocking and firm touch. He hated tickling for a long time. He hates socks and shoes and takes them off in about 10 seconds flat, no matter how they are fastened (Velcro, tied, slip ons, etc.) We plan extra time for outings to put his shoes back on when we arrive. He hates to have his hair cut or washed and refuses to sit on his bottom in the bathtub or on the pool step. He rarely gets his hands dirty. He frequently screeches and screams instead of using his words. (He has LOTS of words these days!)

He also seems to have hyposensitivity to movement (under-responsive.) He is always on the go. Sometimes he just runs in circles. You can never push him too high on the swing or play too rough with him. He has very little fear and sometimes finds himself in dangerous situations. For example: His most recent love is to walk along the back of the futon in the playroom. He loves to jump. In fact, he has broken two springs off of his crib.

Xander often shoves his fingers into his ears to plug them. Sometimes when he does this, he also closes his eyes tightly.

He sucks his thumb so hard he has split the knuckle and built a callous up. He's my pickiest eater... (We think part of this is due to his food sensitivities/allergies as well.)

As a baby he would grind his teeth together so hard we could hear it across the room. Praise God he got over that one!

I read what The Connected Child had to say about Sensory Processing Dysfunction (aka Sensory Integration Disorder) and I also plan to read The Out of Sync Child by Carol Stock Kranowitz and Raising a Sensory Smart Child by Lindsey Biel and Nancy Peske. My library loves me. LOL!

Brandon mentioned all of this to our family doctor when we did our adoption physicals but I think it is time to ask for some referrals.

We love Xander to the moon and back and just want to give him the tools to meet his fullest potential.


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