Friday, July 29, 2011

Time to Play the Blessing Game...

So much is up in the air about our adoption right now. I feel discouraged and defeated...

A long time ago, I had a super optimistic friend that occasionally got on my nerves because she was so very optimistic. *grins * When she got down, she played The Blessing Game. I used to roll my eyes. But I'm of the belief that you can learn something from everyone. So one time, I tried it myself, and decided it wasn't half bad.

Today has been an incredibly cr*ppy day. So, what else is there to do? Play The Blessing Game! *blinks back hot tears of frustration*

1. I have an incredible man by my side to walk this adventure called life with. He's there no matter what-- through thick, thin and super thin to barely there! He's proven this over and over in our 7 years of marriage. We laugh together ALOT and we cry together too. He knows me inside and and out.

2. I have four healthy children with lungs that work very well. Both Solomon and Xander screamed the whole way home from the church tonight. We were there to meet the prospective pastor. Oh yeah and they screamed during part of that, too. The girls gave us the running commentary of what each of their brothers were doing in the van as they were screaming. I could just feel gray hair popping up!

3. God is always there to hear the cries of my heart. And He knows my thoughts before I say them. You know.. like when you are sobbing so hard that no one else can really understand what you are saying? He's got you!

4. Our adoption fund is complete thanks to an incredible blessing.

5. I have amazing friends that pray for me without me asking. Just today I got an email from one of them. She has no idea what an encouragement her words were to me.

6. I got news today, that my friend, M, that suffered two devastating late pregnancy losses is expecting a baby boy and he looked wonderful on her most recent ultrasound. I danced around the room and ran to tell Brandon when I found out.

7. Tonight at church, a couple that we are becoming friends with asked us how things were going and they weren't scared off when we let them know some issues that have come up. I have no doubts that they are carrying part of our burdens and praying for our situation.

8. Xander signs "Thank you" when you change his diaper. What a polite little fellow he is growing into. He also signed "Sorry" for acting insane in the van and then said "I lu loo!" (I love you!)

9. Solomon reached over my shoulder to pat my back when I hugged him before tucking him in. Sometimes the blessings are so little, you might miss them if you don't look closely!

10. Lainey saw that there was some work to be done when we got home and asked if she could do it for me. Bless her little servant's heart. <3

11. Julianne shared with us that she has faith that this is all going to work out and soon all seven of us will be together, forever! I love her optimism.. even when I am having trouble mustering it up in myself..

*smile* I am feeling a little better.

Please pray for the communication to be a bit more definite when we speak to the agency this coming week. Brandon and I feel very out of the loop and it has become very frustrating for us.

Trying to hang in there,


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Leia Willing said...

I love reading your blogs. No matter what happens you are able to pray through it with your family. I pray for ya'll constantly and that the Lord's will be done.