Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things that make me giggle...

Remember my comment about giggling as I washed my counters after the phone call with the social worker?

I'm ready to share more... And it still makes me giggle and stand in awe of how wonderfully God plans things.

Here is just a few of the things that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up during that phone call.

1. I've always wanted a December baby... always. I know that sounds completely random, but well we all have random quirks right? (We currently have Feb, April, May and June.) Annalise was born in December. This past December we were in Disney and I kept counting our children (I do this pretty obsessively when we are in public) and feeling like someone was missing. Brandon and I had a similar experience right before I found out I was expecting Solomon.

2. Last March 2010, I experienced more adoption dreams than I have in any other single month. Adoption was SO on my heart. In fact, one major plus to moving to this apartment was that we could be approved to adopt again... Annalise was born 9 months later.

3. Among the list of specialists that we will be in contact with is an orthopedist. We have one that we LOVE. Lainey will be attending physical therapy... so will our Annalise. We know our orthopedist's views of adoption, because I mentioned the baby SB to her (he also had orthopedic needs.) She has an amazing heart.

4. The one transfer that we thought we desperately wanted for Brandon has no Children's Hospital nearby. Annalise needs to be near a medically resource rich area with several specialists. We were told that when it came down to deciding between a few families, that they looked at what resources are in the area. The local Children's Hospital is about 10 miles from our home and the Medical College of Virginia is just a little further than that.

5. But if we took any of the transfers that he had applied for, we would have been at least 12 hours away from Philadelphia and Baltimore. Philadelphia and Baltimore are where the main specialists in the CdLS field are located. Currently, Baltimore is less than 3 hours away and Philadelphia is about 4 and a half. *Every* transfer that Brandon applied for would have made it more than 12 hours away from these medical facilities.

Resting in His plans,


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Erika said...

I LOVE this!!! As crazy as it seems...He really does have it all under control, huh.