Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Property on Mars

So today I laughed until I cried. And then I laughed some more.

It happens a lot. If I'm 100% honest, one of the first qualities I loved about Brandon was his sense of humor. I usually have a really dry, sarcastic sense of humor and Brandon has a haha sense of humor. I do my fair share of rolling my eyes at his jokes, but he is one of the few people that can make me laugh until I cry.

This afternoon we were out exploring the areas around our new church (not the one I blogged about before.) We really like the area and we've started looking at the rental and real estate market.

Anyway, so a friend at church told us about a house in his neighborhood that had been listed for rent that was now listed as for sale by owner. He said we should call and see if they would consider renting.

So we drove by. We couldn't tell much about the house from the outside so Brandon called the number on the sign.

He chuckled to himself but I was oblivious. (A porch down the street caught my eye. Porches=Heaven in my book!)

I could hear the phone ringing and could tell that he was about to leave a message on the voicemail/answering machine.

And this is what I heard next:

"Hi, my name is Brandon ______, and I was calling about your property on... Mars.."

And at that point I choked on my Pepsi and started laughing hysterically. So did he. But he still had to give his phone number! So the numbers were broken up by our poor attempts at stifling our laughter.

We didn't do so good. He held the phone down and we laughed some more. I tried to get him to repeat his phone number. But he couldn't. He hung up.

And then we really died with laughter.

He called back and left a message saying that he had been disconnected and wanted to make sure that his phone number was stated clearly.. and he repeated his cell number.

Off and on, we've giggled about it. It just sounded so ridiculous.

Property on Mars.


Welcome to our life!


PS: I've had a really tough day today. Brandon's wedding ring has been missing, our van's ac isn't working properly, I got bad news from Georgia, and we are still patiently waiting to hear about Baby Girl. If you think about it, would you pray for us?

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