Thursday, July 7, 2011


Sometimes after the bustle of the day winds down, I sit in the quiet and process my day. And sometimes after I do that, I find myself smiling and giggling to myself as I secretly wish I could stop time for just a few days so I can soak up my children.

Tonight, as I was procrastinating finishing up my side job's assignment for today, I found myself replaying a conversation that took place during a double diaper change. (I change Xander then Solomon, one right after the other.)

I had my back to the girls because I was standing facing the boys' closet where our changing table and dresser are located. My hands were pulling up Xander's shorts when I heard Julianne's voice from behind me. "Momma, what is that up there?" I glanced over my shoulder quickly and realized she was eyeing a stack of clothes on the top shelf. They are the tiniest boy attire that we own and I had quickly plucked them out of an unsorted drawer before laying Xander and Solomon down for a nap that afternoon.

Turning back around to kiss Xander before I put him back on the ground and repeating the mundane task, this time with a smaller tushie, I said "Baby boy clothes."

Now, Julianne isn't one to just take the short answer these days. And as my hands flew over the snaps on Solomon's outfit, I heard a small voice ask, "Baby boy closes? For what?"

As I wiped Solomon's nose with a baby wipe I said "Maybe for the new baby."

And without missing a beat, Julianne said, "We are 'dopting a girl baby."

I quickly answered back, "Julianne, we don't know for sure we are adopting a girl baby," as lowered Solomon to the floor. I gathered some laundry and the two diapers and started to leave the nursery.

And she sniped a quip back. "So Momma, where are the girl closes?"

I told her they were in a bin and that I hadn't had a moment to sort through them yet, but that we didn't have a ton of girl things leftover from when she was a baby.

She was satisfied with my answer but I heard her say softly before I left the room, "Well... then I guess we have to go shopping for girl closes, huh?"

I love that she says closes instead of clothes. It's the whole pluralization/possessiveness thing that she hasn't quite grasped grammatically yet. And yet, I love that she is able to form an argument of sorts and problem solve. No girl closes? No problem.. I know how to solve this-- Let's shop. And again, I love that she is so excited about a new sibling.

One day, when she says clothes, I'll long for these days. And it's after processing my busy days, that I realize that this is a season. A season that won't last forever.

May we all embrace the season we are in now.



Carrie said...

Totally agree...sometimes Craig will correct the kids and I'll say...don't touch that one...I love how they say that! Right now R says "oh grapes!" instead of "oh great" and for some reason I love how L still says "nakin" instead of "napkin!". I've always said I wish I could just shrink wrap them to keep them little longer!

Erika said...

Such a sweet story. I know-- I LOVE the way kids mispronounce things. As a teacher, I'm pretty sure my job is to be helping them do it correctly...but sometimes it's so darn CUTE that I just don't want them to change. Like all my kids that call trampolines "jumpolines." Come on!! It really makes more sense that way!!

Amy said...

:) it melts me to hear the way Bekah puts things together too. Last night, at a birthday party, she wanted to know if she could have "some peaches what are mixed up with blueberries" :)

Our Peculiar Lives said...

Too sweet!