Thursday, July 21, 2011

FAQ's #2: Annalise

The questions are flying all around so I thought I'd answer some in one place. :)

Why did you name her Annalise Hila? / What does her name mean?

The name Annalise came to me in a dream a while ago. It means "Grace and Favor." Ever since I've had that dream, I've continued to have other dreams involving adoption. In those dreams, we adopted a girl but I could never see her face and I had no idea if she was going to be adopted domestically or internationally. See my postings about those dreams HERE and HERE. (Note: the November 18th post was written just a few weeks before OUR Annalise was born.)

We struggled to find a middle name. At one point, we thought her middle name was going to be Promise. Then when we found out that we were selected to go through the match process with this particular baby, I remembered that we first found out about her on the 4th of July. She is a first generation American in her birth family (more on this later), so I thought something patriotic would be fitting. But nothing fit.

Yesterday, when we got the match call, on a whim I asked what her name is right now. It's Hila. Right now the agency is pronouncing it two different ways. Hee-la and High-la. But the adoption worker didn't know any of the story behind her name or the significance.

So I looked it up. And it came up that it is a Hebrew name that means Praise. When I read that, I KNEW that this is why finding her a middle name was so hard. She will keep her name and we will move it to a middle name. She will be Annalise Hila. We are pronouncing it "High-La" although I know that isn't the Hebrew pronunciation. We are trying to make it easier for others to say properly.

How old is she?

She is 7 months old and will soon be 8 months old.

Wait, isn't Solomon only 14 months old?

Yes. *giggle* We'll be some Busy Bees. We will have 3, two years old and under. I told you my spacings keep getting smaller!!!

3, two and under? What are you doing logistically?

We already have an infant carseat. It will take one more crib. And lots of diapers! Oh and I'll be praying A LOT. God has grown me with each addition, and I expect nothing less with our 5th.

International or domestic adoption?

Domestic adoption.

When will she come home?

August. We will visit her first and then come home. During that time, the interstate compact paperwork will be completed and when it is done we will go get her and bring her home. This will mean only a limited amount of time away from the Fab Four.

Where will she be in the meantime?

She currently lives with a private foster family for the agency. The couple has fostered over a hundred children for the agency. The foster dad is a pastor and the foster mother is a retired nurse. They sound like really neat people and I can't wait to meet them and our Annalise!

Speaking of the Fab Four, what will you call the Five now?

Fantastic FIVE! I also call us something with our last name in it.

Are you done yet?/ How many more do you want?

I don't know. Brandon and I have always taken the additions to our family ONE at a time, since God hasn't seen fit to send us twins. So Annalise will come and then we will see what happens. But you should know that Brandon LOVES even numbers... *wink, wink!*

Off to nest like a mad woman!

God, You always amaze me. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to raise five children to know You. Thank you for choosing Brandon and I for this wild ride. Thank you for giving my children such incredible faith. And thank you for answering Julianne's prayers for a baby sister! We are excited to see the layer that Annalise adds to our family. One of our friends posted on my Facebook wall that they are so glad that James 1:27 spoke to our hearts. I'm thankful we listened. We love you and praise you! In your Son's most precious name, Amen!


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