Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Heart Sighed...

This morning, Brandon was so excited to announce to our Sunday School class that we are matched and let everyone know that we are expecting Annalise to join our family soon. We briefly got to share the story behind her name and how old she was. We also asked for prayer for her UTI. Everyone was thrilled for us.

Then this afternoon, we met up with some classmates at a local restaurant to eat lunch and chat. I was able to let our new friends know that Annalise has some special needs and briefly got to share about them.

And they didn't blink an eye. It was as if I said, "Our Annalise has brown hair, brown eyes and one dimple." There wasn't an awkward silence.

But I know what was there: Acceptance.

I nearly burst into tears at the table. Instead, I looked away and took a few deep breaths and my heart sighed.

I can't wait to see how God uses Annalise for His glory. I wonder how He will use us as we parent Annalise. We are praying you home, Baby Girl and can't wait to introduce you to our friends, near and far, that are so diligently praying for you and us.

Father, as I look back over our journey the past few years, I'm always amazed. Part of the journey was painful. Some days were lonely. The pruning hurt. But the growth that I see in Brandon and I as Believers and the strengthening in our family unit, is nothing short of amazing.. Thank you!


PS: The form does have to go to South Carolina. Our socialworker is going to call this week and politely ask that it be expedited. Pray that it returns quickly!!!


Melissa said...

:) All children, all people, should be accepted. I'm glad that you found that.

I have a dear friend, she just adopted baby #2. Her first sweet boy, has many special needs. He suffers from seizures, is partially blind, barely speaks, and at 4, isn't walking yet. When she was asked about adopting again, she said "why wouldn't we?" :)

I <3 you for your amazingly large heart, and how accepting you are of any child. I know, as an adoptee, how it feels to have the love and appreciation of a family, that wanted nothing more than to love a child, no matter what issues that child may have.

Danielle said...

Congratulations. I just clicked on your name from Susanna's blog, since I was so curious about your adoption process, and Wow!! How exciting.
I hope you are doing well. I am on a MOMYS break for a while, so I thought I would contact you this way.
I am so excited for you and your family, and I LOVE the name Annalise.
Dani (from MOMYS)